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To provide professional compassionate services that inspire , empower and support communities to live well and die well.

About Tamara MacDonald


(A biography about Guiding Hand's owner.)

Sometimes it is the path itself, which suggests the direction we take, and sometimes the path is ill informed by our deeper desires, which truly is the better informant of the direction in which we should travel.

Tamara’s career path began with nursing. Soon after, family circumstances altered her path, and subsequently led her to complete  3 years in business school. During her tenure in business, she was led in a corporate training direction, and this is where her love for educating people truly ignited.

Tamara has 24 years of experience teaching courses such as First Aid and CPR and frequently receives invitations from schools, businesses, and word of mouth referrals. Teaching people how to save a life and how to help in an emergency situation with confidence, is not only in alignment with her soul, but among her greatest joys and deepest ambitions.

 Tamara taken her passions, love-for-life and her specialized skills on her journey; to provide and facilitate unparalleled compassionate care for those nearing the end of their own life journey, and for their families, who truly require the most support.

Tamara's End of Life Support Service


Helping others through crisis, illness, and end-of-life transition is something Tamara has been doing for years. One of her first experiences with helping in this capacity occurred when a family member was diagnosed with leukemia at age two. Tamara gracefully guided those who were deeply impacted as he faced his last breath and passing. Tamara is gifted in helping those who are in crisis or ill, to live a more comfortable and meaningful life, regardless of the duration.

This new life journey has inspired Tamara to seek out certified education to compliment her new role. During her studies, she has learned practical skills to help comfort those with essential needs. Additionally, help loved ones accept adversity, crisis, and death for themselves.

In Canada, we hold pedagogical and scholastic education in high-esteem, as does Tamara, and for that reason, she is happy to share that she has recently completed a whole host of current and up-to-date designations.

For those who know her, Tamara's innate gifts far outweigh the credential that she has achieved ! Very few people are peaceful in the face of adversity, the way she is. And even fewer have the ability to impart and share it with others.


French Speaking

Fluent in French as a Second Language

Business Graduate

Majoring in marketing

Adult Education Training Certificates

From Humber College, Seneca College, and Brock University

Certified First Aid Instructor 

With the Canadian Red Cross

Certified First Aid Provider


End of Life Doula

Certified by Home Hospice Association

Bereavement and Grief Support

University of Toronto


With Hospice Niagara


Death Doula Association of Canada

Hospice Niagara Certificate

The fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care

Niagara Region Public Health Certificate

Food handling

Tamara MacDonald

Email:   guidinghandniagara@gmail.com

Phone #:  289-228-8736


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