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Virtual & Live  •  1.5 Hours

End of Life Chats

Ages 17 and up. We guide the conversation in a direction allowing a safe space for thoughts and discussion. Speaking of death does mean you will die. Our goal is to shine a light on something we see as scary and become more familiar with discussing death. It is the one thing we are all going to do, so let’s talk.

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Virtual & Live  •  2 Workshops

Living Preparedness Manual

This is a series of two workshops where we educate and direct you to the things you need to know about your life and end of life. This binder will allow you to live well knowing there are no questions about your end-of-life plan. This binder will help your loved ones after you are gone by taking the guess work out of the situation. Having a Preparedness Binder eases the burden of decision making and allows the grieving process space.

Three Generations

Virtual & Live  •  1.5 Hours


We often think of Legacy meaning just money and property. There are so many different types of legacy ideas we can work with. This workshop gives you ideas and direction on legacy activities you can do yourself or with loved ones. It’s a great fun way to talk about a difficult topic.


Virtual Only  •  Once a Week for One Year

Mindfulness Mentoring

This is a Virtual Course with Maggie Morris and has limited space each year. Mindfulness Mentoring is a once-a-week class for an entire year, a mentoring course with the goal of combatting anxiety, stress, negativity and depression.


It uses the book “Mindful Insights” and helps you to practice your own Mindful practice as it teaches you that you can “Master Your Mind."

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Virtual Only  •  1.5 Hours

Soul Coaching

Offers encouraging support as we learn to dance through the turmoil of life.


Virtual Only  •  1.5 Hours

"You Are Your Strength"

In this workshop, we work on letting go of our fears and emphasizing on discovering our greatest strengths.

Doctor and Patient

Virtual & Live  •  1 & 1/2 Days


This 2-day Workshop is designed for those who are caregivers. Whether you are in the profession of caregiving or took on the roll, this course offers information to excel while taking the best care of yourself and your person. Includes one day certified first aid CPR/AED training.

Image by Gian Cescon

Virtual & Live  •  1.5 Hours

Self Care

The goal of this workshop is to help participants recognize and understand the value of self care in everyday life.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Virtual & Live  •  1.5 Hours

Grief 101

This workshop is based on the different grief models. We educate participants on technical terms and their meanings.


We focus on normalizing all stages and types of grief. This workshop is based on the different grief models. We educate participants on technical terms and their meanings.


We focus on normalizing all stages and types of grief.

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Virtual & Live  •  1.5 Hours

Children & Youth Grief Support

Ages 5-17. Workshops are customized to fit your needs. We look at many factors when planning for your child’s experience.

Guiding Hand offers:

  • Activity workshops

  • Group information sessions

  • One on one support

Aloe Vera Plant

Virtual & Live  •  2 Hours

"The Bowl That Heals"

Provides a safe space to look at and work in your grief. This workshop is designed to help heal the heart through art and expression. Art is a healing way of expressing grief.


After attending a workshop, you will feel a bit lighter and have some understanding of the phrase: “It’s ok not to be ok”


Virtual & Live  •  1.5 Hours

Grief Support

Ages 17 and up. Grief can be overwhelming, you may not always see it on the outside, but on the inside you feel broken. Death, illness, divorce, job loss, relationship loss, pet loss, empty nest . . . the list goes on and on. We all experience grief.


This workshop is designed to sit with the grief and share emotions. Here we story tell the wonderful memories of our loved ones we have lost. We learn to shift and develop new relationships with what we have lost. When you attended these workshops, the hope is you leave with tools to live in your new reality.


Virtual & Live  •  4 Hours (2 hrs per session)

Safety for Youth

Designed for youth that are home alone or babysit.


This workshop is designed to teach the basic safety and first aid principles. We want our youth to feel confidant to recognise and respond to emergencies.


Virtual & Live  •  1.5 Hours

Safety for Seniors

In this workshop we will review prevention and signs and symptoms of a medical emergency. Recognizing medical emergencies save lives.

Woman Scrapbooking

Virtual & Live  •  2.5 Hours

Vision Board Workshop

A vision board is simply a collective name for a wide variety of inspirational collages created from pictures. It's a pictorial representation of your vision—and a powerful way to make your dreams more tangible and attainable. That's because the very act of creating the vision board tells your mind what's important. Vision Board workshops are great! Children, Youth and adults’ benefit from the power of suggestion. These work shops can be delivered virtually or in person when possible. Minimum participants for a workshop is 5. Schools, youth groups and adult groups will benefit from this workshop. We also deliver birthday Vision board workshops.

First Aid box on pink BG

Virtual & Live  •  2 - 4 Hours

Safety First Aid Workshop

It is important for us to prevent injuries, but that is not always possible. These workshops are designed around the 18 chapters of a standard First Aid course. The topics are can be customized to fit your needs. You can attend one workshop or a series. Workshops are appropriate for ages 8 and up. Schools, youth groups and adult groups benefit from this workshop.


Virtual & Live  •  1 Hour

Mindful Mediation

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. In this hour you can expect to train your mind to rid of the daily stresses working towards living your best life.  

Holding Hands

Virtual & Live  •  2 Hours

Grief Support Workshops

Grief is the response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or some living thing that has died, to which a bond or affection was formed. Although conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, grief also has physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, cultural, spiritual and philosophical dimensions. 

These workshops are customized and can be purchased in a series or individually. We cover types of grief, tools to cop and a safe platform for the grieving to express emotions. 

One on one grief support is also available. 

Flower Field

Virtual & Live  •  1.5 Hours  •  4 Sessions

End of Life Planning

Topics covered are as follows: Introduction to End of life Planning your health care wants, Creating Legacy, Ritual, Grief 

In this workshop you can expect to have the difficult conversations on Death and Dying. We will guide you creating an End of life binder, that will not only help you live well, but will also make the grieving process easier on your family. These workshops are designed for anyone over 18 that wants to look at end of life before it is the final hours. We welcome persons that have been diagnosed with a life limiting illness as well as the one that want to be well prepared, after all we all are going to die someday, why leave the burden of figuring out all the details to our loved one. Take care of it now and you can live well. 

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