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First Aid Kit Bundles

First Aid Kit Bundles

  • Description

    Bundle #3 - $140.00


    Large combo, can be used at businesses, home, or where needed. Comes fully loaded with additional small kit, splint, face shield and a bag of 2-way filters for face shield.


    Bundle #4 - $163.65


    3-way combo, comes with large kit for home or cottage. Hard case for vehiclesof all types. Small nylon home or traveler kit, splint, face shield, and a bag of 2-way filters.


    Bundle #5 - $184.15


    Value pack. Is approved for office use, spas, pools and trucks. Also can be used in you home, cottage, vehicle and traveling. Includes face shield, 6one-way valves and a splint.


    Bundle #6 - $116.55


    Soft and light combo. Provides 3 versitlenylon kits with face shield,2-way filter, and splint.

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